Unplug Resources

Here are 10 experts in the field of digital detox and unplugging, along with their contributions and how you can learn more about their work:


  1. Tanya Goodin – Founder of Time To Log Off, an initiative encouraging people to balance their digital lives. She’s an award-winning digital entrepreneur turned digital wellbeing expert and author of several books on digital detox.

  2. Dr. Frank Lipman – A leader in functional and integrative medicine, Dr. Lipman advocates for a holistic approach to well-being, which includes digital detoxing as a component of health.

  3. Catherine Beard – Creator of The Blissful Mind, Catherine shares her personal experiences and insights on conducting weekly digital detoxes and how they can improve productivity and well-being.

  4. Cal Newport – Author of “Digital Minimalism,” Newport explores the concept of choosing a focused life in a noisy world, advocating for minimal use of digital tools to live a more focused and meaningful life.

  5. Tristan Harris – Co-founder of the Center for Humane Technology, Harris is a former design ethicist at Google and has been a vocal critic of the attention economy, urging for ethical design practices that respect users’ time and attention.

  6. Nir Eyal – Author of “Indistractable,” Eyal provides insights into how to control your attention and choose your life, offering practical advice on avoiding distractions, including digital ones.

  7. Jean Twenge, Ph.D. – Author of “iGen,” Twenge’s research focuses on the impact of digital media on the psychological well-being of adolescents, highlighting the need for digital moderation.

  8. Sherry Turkle, Ph.D. – A professor at MIT, Turkle has written extensively about the effects of digital technology on human relationships, including “Alone Together,” which explores how technology is changing the way we communicate.

  9. Adam Alter, Ph.D. – Author of “Irresistible,” Alter examines why we can’t stop scrolling, swiping, clicking, and watching, and what the rise of addictive technology means for our society.

  10. Maximilian Gotzler – Founder of Flowgrade, Gotzler is a biohacker and wellness advocate who speaks about the importance of digital detoxing as part of a holistic approach to health and performance.


These experts offer a wide range of perspectives and solutions on managing digital consumption for improved mental health, productivity, and overall well-being. Their work includes research, practical advice, and strategies to help individuals and communities build healthier relationships with technology.


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