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The Age of Digital Hoarding

It’s time to let those tabs go. #OneTabChallenge

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About Project Unplug

Unplug to Reconnect

As technology quickly became part of nearly every aspect of our lives, we lost track of the true purpose of these advancements in digital connectedness. What started off as convenience soon turned into entertainment, which has now lead to addiction.  Project Unplug aims to raise awareness and highlight the value of taking time off from our digital experience to gain perspective on what is truly important.  By accepting these challenges you are beginning the process of becoming more aware of your surroundings and how technology has removed us from the community around us.


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Our goal is to raise awareness of the value of digital mindfulness. We do that by allowing supporters to buy cool stuff from us at a reasonable cost. 100% of profits will go back to developing tools, games, activities, and products to help you and your family spend more time unplugged.


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The Power of Micro Unplugging

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The Politics of Unplugging

We debated posting anything about politics since the beginning of the Unplug Project. It is an area we have purposefully ...

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Life In Airplane Mode

Take The “Airplane Mode” Challenge “It’s not practical to live in the modern world without a smart phone.” This statement ...

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Minnesota Unplugged

Join the Minnesota Unplugged Movement We are working on a new project (launching this spring) that helps bring groups of ...

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