PhoneBed – Anti-Vibration System


Whether you’re in a meeting or in a deep slumber, the sound of a vibrating phone on a table will send you, and everyone around you, reaching for your phone. Entire conference rooms can grind to a halt as people investigate which “CNN Breaking News” alert is important.  Or, who’s Amazon Prime package just got delivered (guilty).  This new invention by Project Unplug creates a resting place for your phone to live while you’re working away.  The unique anti-vibration unit (fake grass) passes the vibration through to the anti-vibration chamber (acoustic foam) and makes your phone (or your office mate’s phone) silent as can be.


The Project Unplug PhoneBed’s are hand made in our workshop (our dining room tables), which means they can be customized by shape and color.  This one happens to be a really nice basswood, smooth to the touch.

Trust us, you want this.

100 in stock

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in

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