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Join the Minnesota Unplugged Movement

We are working on a new project (launching this spring) that helps bring groups of people together to share in non-technology related activities.  From simple coffees and breakfast to walks and hikes in the woods.  We’re seeking ambassadors who want to join the movement and organize a group of friends to participate in a series of unplugged events.

No cost.
No catch.
No obligations.

Then why are we doing this?

The Unplugged Project was started over 10 years ago to raise awareness of the need for digital mindfulness. We design challenges and activities that helps organize groups of friend around unplugged activities. We believe it is important for the betterment of society to find a balance between the great benefit technology brings to our lives and finding a proper balance of being offline and present in the moment.

What We Hope to Accomplish

We are trying to form a community of volunteers and ambassadors who will help us design challenges and events to raise awareness of digital mindfulness and encourage short-term digital detox activities. We are currently working on publishing localized guide to help friends, families, teams, parents, and kids find fun and interesting activities that don’t require technology.

Sign-Up To Become Part of Minnesota Unplugged

We are limiting this first offer to around 50 people.  If you decide to sign up, you will become a cherished advisor and ambassador to the movement.  In return, we will send you one of these (pretty cool) custom printed “Unplugged Lotus” t-shirts and a few other small gifts of thanks.

To sign-up, fill out the form below and tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do to unplug.  That’s it.

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